PRS II ® Type Wiring Harness Treble Bleed NOS Sprague 715P Orange Drops Ajustable Ultimate Coil Spit

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  • Harness for the Serious Guitar Player who is a Tone Chaser.
  • All Materials assembled as Vintage Wiring .
  • Wired with 20 AWG Bus Wire
  • Historically Correct Gibson Yellow Insulation
  • Comes with Instructions

Build is a 5% Tolerance Build which produces a better tone than a 10% build tolerance.

It’s worth mentioning that humbuckers are supposed to have both coils working together to create the sound and provide humbucking capabilities. Quite a lot of thought and research goes into the number of windings and other factors that create the final sound. At this time, no manufacturer designs a pickup to sound good when coil-split! Think about the technology behind single-coil pickups designed to sound good.

Quite often, turning off one of the coils will result in a bad or thin sound, and it will always result in a significant volume drop.The volume drop can be solved with a Partial tap. This modification  requires changing the ground wire from the push-pull switch to a resistor. However, not all Humbuckers are the same. A Trimmer Pot is a Variable resistor that lets you adjust how much much of the second coil is turned off; hence the Ultimate Tap.

Many Builds are 10% Tolerance and some are even 20% Tolerance CTS 525K Pro Potentiometers and Orange Drop Capacitors, as well as all materials used, Come With Complete Test Reports and Specifications.

Includes Switchcraft 3-Way Switch and Jack with .022 uF 715P Orange Drops and treble bleed. Gavitt Wired with PVC Insulation and Spaghetti Tubing Insulation.

Vintage Upgrade Kit offers a transparent, dynamic sound for anyone who are tired of not being able to use the controls on your guitar effectively. This Harness is for those who are tired of losing tone and note-definition every those time they roll their control past 8!! Th harness is designed for all PRS® style guitars. Most set-neck versions of these guitar use the 90 degree switch; bolt-on versions use the short/straight switch. NOTE: The short/straight switch will work for all model guitars, so if you have doubts as to what is in your guitar, go with the short/straight option. We do alternate caps and with or without the treble bleed.

Please Note: With any PRS® model other than the McCarty or McCarty wired guitars you will have to enlarge the rotary switch hole to 1/2" for the toggle switch to fit. Also be aware that some knowledge of basic wiring is needed as PRS® does not use the same color codes on rotary guitars as used on the McCarty.

PLEASE NOTE: All guitars manufactured in Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia and Mexico use metric pots (6mm), and have metric sized holes drilled for the pots. All pots sold by Jackson Electronic Luthier uses American Standard pots and hole diameters (3/8"). Therefore, holes in the guitar, plates and/or pickguards will need to be enlarged to 3/8" to fit properly. Also, metric knobs will not fit the pot shafts; most popular knobs are available online. Please message us for details or questions about installation.

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