Les Paul Jr Wiring Harness Custom by JEL 525k CTS SHORT Shaft Vitamin Q Sprague

10 Day Build and Test Time

Jackson Electronic  Luthier ®

525k ohm Ω Short Shaft

SG / Les Paul Jr ® 50s Style Wiring Harness

Sprague Vitamin .022uF Caps

CTS TAOT 525k Short Shaft Audio Pots.

Gavitt Braided 2 conductor Wiring with PVC Tubing Shielding

Black Varnish Spaghetti Tubing Insulation



If Vitamin Q sounds familiar it’s because this is a highly sought-after and increasing becoming rare Capacitor.

This cap is well suited for a great fast pick action and great for blues. Great for single coils and humbuckers. It's tonally an incredible Cap

Sprague ® is the Holy Grail of Capacitors for Guitars. Sprague ® created the Bumble Bee, Black Beauty, Vitamin Q and the many variations of the Orange Drop.The Vitamin Q is one of my favorites

Crisp sound with clean harmonic content.



Wired with 20 AWG Bus Wire

Comes with Instructions

Build is a 5% Tolerance Build which produces a Superior Tone   than a 10% build tolerance.

If you’re in doubt ask the Harness Maker what their Tolerances are and can you see their test reports.

Many Builds are 10% Tolerance and some are even 20% Tolerance.

CTS 525k TAOT Potentiometers and Sprague 192P Capacitor, as well as all materials used, Comes With Complete Test Reports and Specifications and Instructions.

The Capacitor is 0.022uF

CTS 525k TAOT Potentiometers and Vitamin Q Capacitors, as well as all materials used, Come With Complete Test Reports and Specifications.

All Soldering is done by a Computer Controlled State of the Art Solder Work Station.

Potentiometers are Shielded during Soldering by High Heat Shielding Polyimide Tapes.


The Harness is Tested Using Advanced Audio-Metric Software feed to an AC30 HW Vox Amp or a Fender Blues Deluxe.

Many Harness makers only Test for Continuity.


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