L5-S Gibson Wiring Harness 550k Centralab Spec Short Shaft .022uF Vitamin Q Caps

5 Day Build and Test Time

Jackson Electronic  Luthier ®

550k ohm Ω Short Shaft

L5-S ® Type Custom Wiring Harness Norlin Era Style Wiring Harness The L5-S is one of Guitars that Gibson had it right. If you have this guitar it deserves a Professional Wiring Harness.

The L5-S was a unique high-end solid body, and once Gibson adorned it with super humbuckers, famous guitarists took notice, especially jazz and fusion virtuosos like Pat Martino and John McLaughlin. Additionally other players picked up the L5S such as Paul Simon and others including Keith Richards at one time. Ronnie Wood has been seen playing a new incarnation of the Gibson L5S which is currently a signature model in production, the 'Ronnie Wood L-5S'.

Rare Sprague Vitamin Q PIO .022uF Caps

Centralab 550k Audio Potentiometers

Yellow Varnish Spaghetti Tubing


Centralab™ Potentiometers

The Holy Grail of Potentiometers is back (Afterv40 Years).

"In the late 50s (Golden Age of Guitars) Gibson (and others) used potentiometers  by US maker Centralab ™.” The audio taper of these “Holy Grail” of potentiometers have since  become synonymous with the perfect taper. It's pretty steep on top  (great to "switch" from lead to rhythm) and musically to the end. No  wonder people pay $150 to $600 or more for a single vintage potentiometer.

After 40 Years Centralab™ has agreed to put these back into producton. They are 550K Audio. 24 Fine Spline.™


"Everyone in the know knows that the magic of the "old" tone does not only come from somewhat magical pickups. The electronic components are just as important -- especially the potentiometers used back in the golden age of guitar making.

In the late 50s, Gibson (and others) preferably used potentiometer by US maker Centralab. The audio taper of these vintage pots has since become synonymous with the perfect taper. It's pretty steep on top (great to "switch" from lead to rhythm) and musically to the end. No wonder people pay $150 or more for a single vintage potentiometer.

More than a year of R&D went into the VIPots. It included us buying and sacrificing several NOS Centralab pots from the 50s and massive analysis of their taper, torque, etc.

The VIPots are exact functional copies of the old potentiometers. The same audio taper, the same torque and US fine spline split shaft for a direct drop-in replacement. 550kOhm with 15% tolerance, putting them in the range of all the tested NOS pots."



Spraque Vitamin Q .022 uF

These Caps are the Masterpiece of Sprague and in the Lineage from the Bumblebee. I have them in my ES-335. The tones are unbelievable. This is a Harness for the Very Serious Guitar Player who is a Tone Chaser.

All Materials assembled as 50s Wiring 50s Volume.

Sprague ® Vitamin Q's are among the highest quality PIO "Paper in Oil" capacitors around. Hermetically sealed metal body with glass ends. The oil used by Sprague ® in Vitamin Q's is a proprietary blend that makes it unique among paper in oil caps. .022 uF is common value in Gibson® and Gibson® -style guitars using Humbucker pickups. Highly sought after and increasingly hard to find.




Wired with 20 AWG Bus Wire

Comes with Instructions

Build is a 5% Tolerance Build which produces a Superior Tone   than a 10% build tolerance.

If you’re in doubt ask the Harness Maker what their Tolerances are and can you see their test reports.

Many Builds are 10% Tolerance and some are even 20% Tolerance.

Centralab Spec Potentiometers and Vitamin Q PIO Capacitors, as well as all materials used, Comes With Complete Test Reports and Specifications and Instructions.

The Capacitors are 0.022uF at the neck and .022uf at the bridge.

All Soldering is done by a Computer Controlled State of the Art Solder Work Station.

Potentiometers are Shielded during Soldering by High Heat Shielding Polyimide Tapes.

The Harness is Tested Using Advanced Audio-Metric Software feed to an AC30 HW Vox Amp.

Many Harness makers only Test for Continuity.

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