ES335 Wiring Harness By JEL Gibson or Epiphone 550k Centralab Pots Vitamin

5 Day Build and Test Time

Jackson Electronic Luthier ®

525k ohm Ω SHORT Shaft

ES335 ® Type Wiring Harness 50s Style Wiring Harness

CTS 525k Potentiometers SHORT Shaft Audio.


Centralab™ Potentiometers

The Holy Grail of Potentiometer s is back (After 40 Years).

"In the late 50s (Golden Age of Guitars) Gibson (and others) used potentiometers  by US maker Centralab ™.” The audio taper of these “Holy Grail” of potentiometers have since  become synonymous with the perfect taper. It's pretty steep on top  (great to "switch" from lead to rhythm) and musically to the end. No  wonder people pay $150 to $600 or more for a single vintage potentiometer.

After 40 Years Centralab™ has agreed to put these back into production. They are 550K Audio. 24 Fine Spline.™

Upgrade Wiring Kit Rare Spraque® Vitamin Q PIO .022uF Caps Centralab Pots 550k Pots Gibson® ES-335

Masterpiece of Sprague® and in the Lineage from the Bumblebee. I have them in my ES-335. The tones are unbelievable. This is a Harness for the Very Serious Guitar Player who is a Tone Chaser.
All Materials assembled as Vintage Wiring Vintage Volume.

Sprague® Vitamin Q's are among the highest quality paper in oil capacitors around. Hermetically sealed metal body with glass ends. The oil used by Sprague® in Vitamin Q's is a proprietary blend that makes it unique among paper in oil caps. .022 is common value in Gibson® and Gibson®-style guitars using Humbucker pickups. Highly sought after and hard to find.

When Only the Very Best is Good Enough... ©


All Harnesses are Individually Serial Numbered and Signed.


  • Wired with 20 AWG Bus Wire
  • Comes with Complete Instructions

    Build is a 5% Tolerance Build which produces superior tone than a 10% build tolerance.

  • Many Builds are 10% Tolerance and some are even 20% Tolerance

Centralab Pots 550k (The Holy Grail of Pots) and Capacitors, as well as all materials used, Come With Complete Test Reports and Specifications.

The Vitamin Q Capacitors (The Holy Grail of Capacitors) are 0.022uF at the neck and .022uf at the bridge.

Built to Gibson Wiring Spec. with Accurate Details.

The Harness is Tested Using Advanced Audio-Metric Software feed to an AC30 HW Vox® Amp.


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