EDS 1275 Wiring Harness Gibson Epiphone 2 300k Linear Vol Pot 2 500k Tone Pot Vi

10 Day Build and Test Time

Jackson Electronic Luthier ®

300k Ω Short Shaft Linear Volume

500k Ω Short Shaft Audio Tone

EDS 1275 Custom Wiring Harness 50s Style Wiring Harness

Vitamin Q Spec Paper in Oil PIO (Russian K40Y-9) .022 uF 6 String Neck and .022uF 12 String Neck

Built to Gibson Specifications

Including Switchcraft DPST Switch for Pickup selector

Short Switchcraft short 3-way switch for neck Selection.

Bourns Short Shaft Pots

Yellow Varnish Spaghetti Tubing

Built to Gibson Specification. The EDS 1275 made Famous by Jimmy Page and Don Felder.
Upgrade Wiring Kit Gibson ®or Epiphone EDS 1275 ® Vitamin Q Spec Paper in Oil Capacitors (PIO) 0.022uf & 0.022uF 300vdc Metalized Paper in Oil Capacitors

These make great tone capacitors for guitars.

.022 is a common value in Les Paul's® , SG's® , ES Series & other Gibson® -style guitars using Pickups. Putting the .015 on the 6 String neck allows more treble be retained when tone and volume are rolled off.

These caps are not unlike a new speaker and will sound best after being broken in for several hours.

If you don't want to spend the coin on vintage Spragues, Luxe repro's or Jensen's give these a shot you'll be pleasantly surprised for less money.

  All Harnesses are Signed with Individual Serial Numbers


Wired with 20 AWG Bus Wire

Comes with Instructions

Build is a 5% Tolerance Build which produces a Superior Tone   than a 10% build tolerance.

If you’re in doubt ask the Harness Maker what their Tolerances are and can you see their test reports.

Many Builds are 10% Tolerance and some are even 20% Tolerance.

Bourns Potentiometers and Capacitors, as well as all materials used, Comes With Complete Test Reports and Specifications and Instructions.

The Capacitors are 0.015uF at the 6 string neck and .022uf at the 12 string neck.

All Soldering is done by a Computer Controlled State of the Art Solder Work Station.

Potentiometers are Shielded during Soldering by High Heat Shielding Polyimide Tapes.

The Harness is Tested Using Advanced Audio-Metric Software feed to an AC30 HW Vox Amp.

Many Harness makers only Test for Continuity.

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