Centralab 550k Potentiometer (Count of 4) Short 24 Fine Spline Long or Short



Centralab® Potentiometers

The Holy Grail of Potentiometers is back (Afterv40 Years).

"In the late 50s (Golden Age of Guitars) Gibson (and others) used potentiometers  by US maker Centralab ™.” The audio taper of these “Holy Grail” of potentiometers have since  become synonymous with the perfect taper. It's pretty steep on top  (great to "switch" from lead to rhythm) and musically to the end. No  wonder people pay $150 to $600 or more for a single vintage potentiometer.

After 40 Years Centralab® has agreed to put these back into production. They are 550K Audio. 24 Fine Spline

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